Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Im a walking zombie!

I used to consider myself lucky because my baby girl slept through the night ever since she was 2 months! I would even have to wake her up in the morning so that we could get ready to head out the door for the day!

Well that has totally changed now!! Ever since Kayla got sick a couple of weeks ago,
She has been waking up at night with no intensions of going back to sleep! At first I would go and pick her up, and rock here to sleep ( I know big mistake on my part) but hey my little girl was sick and she needed me to confort her.. Well she is not sick any more!! And she is still waking up, but this time she is wanting to play!!

I have tried the whole letting her cry for a while, but quite frankly that doesn't work very well considering the monitor is right by my head!! And I have also tried going in there and just patting her back(not picking her up) so that she knows I'm there but I will not give in and pick her up!

I know I may sound like a big whiner considering some babies don't sleep thru the night till they get older..( Aka my own son), but I was so used to sleeping!

What gives? Is it her teeth? Is she still hungry,a growth spurt? Or is it just a phase ( crossing my fingers it is)
Whatever it is, sweet baby K, you have to give mommy and daddy a break not to mention your brother sometimes gets woken up too.

Oh well as tired as we are we could never be angry with this sweet little face


  1. I bet it just a phase! Blake was always a good sleeper (I bragged about it :))...and then he went through a phase where he was up multiple times per night....thankfully that didn’t last long and we are back to the 8-8 routine...hang in there!!

  2. It is probably just a phase she is going through because she was sick & loved seeing her mommy through out the night; I am sure that it won't last much longer :)

  3. Thank you ladies! I hope is just a phase too:)

  4. Let me know when you find a solution...we are up a few times most nights these days too. Last week she was sleeping through the night without a peep...this week, she wakes up crying hysterically! I don't know whats going on. I blame it on teething...but so far, no teeth!