Sunday, November 21, 2010

24 weeks!!!! & school pictures

sorry, I know I say this everytime I post about this pregnancy or about my kids getting older, but really Time is Flying!! is hard to believe that Im this far along!! about 112 days left!!! CRAZY!

How far along: 24 weeks 3 days

Maternity Clothes: All pants but I can still squeeze into my regular shirts

Total Weight Gained: 15 poundssome of my regular shirts.

Sleep? Still lots of tossing and turning, and getting more uncomfortable each day

Best moment of the week?  The baby is finally starting to kick a lot stronger! Im used to being pregnant to very active babies, but this one is very calm and barely kicked me.. ( I guess I shouldnt really complain though)

Food cravings? Nothing really sounds good, except for anything that is sweet, I feel like everything has WAY to much salt for my liking

Gender? Boy!

Movement? yep! started to get stronger

What I miss? Still sleeping on my stomach...
Belly button? in

What am I looking forward to? we are heading to FL for Thanksgiving on Tuesday, and Im just looking foward to good weather and spending some good family quality time

Milestone? I made iut through my V day!!!! **for those who dont know that is your viability day which is when baby would have a chance at surviving if he chose to come out already... don't get any ideas baby Fick!

here are some belly shots( I took two different pictures because I also chopped my hair off last week!, not a good idea when your preggo, but I wanted a change


Ok now lets talk aboutt Austin's school pictures!! he got his first grade pictures back, and I know Im biased because Im his mommy, but I think they came out great! considering he hates taking pictures. why cant he cooperate when I want to take his picture


Thursday, November 18, 2010

15 months!!

My little  is baby  toddler is getting so big and she is learning so much everyday! here are some of her new acomplishments.

Words she is saying right now:

yay!( she usually says this when she eats something!, she's a very picky eater so we have been praising her every time she makes a happy plate)
eww ( she says this when I change her diaper, hmm maybe she is ready for potty training?)

Some Things she is into right now are, well pretty much EVERYRTHING!!, but she absolutely LOVES purses, Yes she is only 15 months but has a slight obsession with purses,hmmm maybe she got that from mommy:) she has two little purses, but also grabs mommy's or anything that has a handle and pretends its a purse! she also loves brushing her teeth, but I'm pretty sure is because she likes to suck the oragel paste from it.

She is a Horrible eater!!!! we seriosuly have the pickiest eater in our hands, which trust me, it's so frustrating! she does love herself some fruit, but when it comes to food she has to really like it or be really hungry!! we have tried everything and when she likes something, we tend to stick to it, but unfortunately she gets bored quickly.

She is very good with her bedtime routine, bath, milk, quiet time on the rocking chair, then "night, night" which up until a month ago would last all night, but lately she has been randomly waking up screaming,crying and not wanting to go back to bed:(.... There has been some serious long nights at the Fick household!! I have researched this and apparently some kids go through a period where they have night terrors. Hopefully this wont last long and she will go back to her old self again where she slept all night, mommy, daddy and Austin would really appreciate this!

here are some random pics of our  blue eyed girl


Monday, November 8, 2010

Looking for New Traditions?

First of I cant believe Im writting this post already! This year has flown by! and the holidays are literally right around the corner.
Last year a co worker had an ornament swap party and one of my friends asked the rest of the ladies, “What is your annual Christmas Eve/ christmas day tradition?”

What do we eat? Where do we go? What do we do?

I know that many new families are looking for new traditions and are often torn with whether to begin their own family traditions or continue with old family traditions. It’s hard to come up with fun original ideas, and now that my family is growing I was hoping that you could all leave your tradition here in a comment– and then people/me have a place to find fun ideas for new traditions with their family.

Here’s mine:

Spanish cultures usually open gifts and celebrate Christmas on the 24th so we used to do that until my mom remarried and then we started a new tradition to open only one gift at midnight. Justin and I have followed this tradition since Austin was born, but we actually just did it with us once Austin went to bed.

Another Tradition that we have is to always bake cookies during the day before we go to church or before we head to our relatives house.

and I know Im a such a little kid but I really LOVE this one, because my siblings and I did it growing up, was to wear the same pj's on christmas eve so that we could have a picture op in the morning while we open presents.

So yeah I guess we dont have that many but I would like to start some new ones, even though sometimes it could hard because both of our families are local so we are always traveling/splitting houses on the holiday.

What is your Christmas Eve tradition?


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treat!!!!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! ours was a lot of fun! specially because it was Kayla's first time trick or treating!!! We went around friends neighborhood to trick or treat and also celebrate her son's birthday! I was a little upset because we didnt get tp take too many pictures or at least any good ones of Kayla because she is a moving target and HATES to take pictures