Friday, January 30, 2009

12 weeks!!!... no more signs of M/S !

I dont want to jinx myself but Im 12 weeks today and the nausea is finally gone!!, hopefully for good though. I finally got my appetite back and the other day I really enjoyed a steak and cheese sub for lunch! This week I got my NT'S test done, but I wont get the results until next week Im hoping and praying that the results come out fine.Also this past week our adorable son decided to name the baby "Fick JR", well actually he wanted to name the baby Austin Nicholas Fick which is his full name, but since that was too long he just left it as JR :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1st time Blogger!!!

So after following several different blogs I decided to create one of my own and keep everyone updated on the status of our new addition to the family!

Im already a little behind because Im 11 weeks along now, but so far things are going well, except for this time around is a little bit harder on me, I feel very sick and nauseas all the time, and I cant really eat anything but fruit!! Im hoping that in a week or two things will start to get better and my apetite will come back:) Here are some pictures of my family, I will soon post some of the sonogram of our new little addition!