Thursday, August 19, 2010

A "Sweet" little Birthday !!

Kayla's "candy Shoppe Birthday party was this past saturday, and it turned out perfect!!! I have so many pictures of it, so I will just post them instead of babling about it :). Still cant believe my baby is 1!!!

P.S sorry for the picture overload!

                                                This was our door sign

The Candy Station


Her Cake

We got this banner from celebrate express I loved how you could put a picture on it!

The entry Table with all her pictures
Justin had this machine at work so we borrowed it for the party
We got a moon bounce for the older kids
Mi Birthday girl

pooped out from her Party!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

finally 11 month pictures

even though she will be 1 next week!!!! I know, I know Im horrible, but better late than ever right?

This post is really hard for me to write, because I really cannot believe that My baby girl will be 1! Kayla, I cant believe how much you've grown in the past year, you laugh, sing, roll, crawl and now walk! Thank you so much for such an exciting year and we are all looking foward to many many more!

Here are her 11 months pics, with a lil preview of her tutu that lovely Sara from Life Uncommon made for her!!! Seriosuly she did such a great job with it, I cant wait till she wears it at her Birthday Party!

WOW! cant believe that I havent blogged since the concert, which btw was soo much fun!! a little too hot but it was a great show!

So far this has been a pretty busy summer for us, Austin is not in summer day care because Im at home most of the time now, so trying to keep him busy and entertained has been a bit of a handful, mainly because of Austin and Kayla's age gap. For those with older kids, what do you do during the summer besides the pool, park etc?
Yesterday was my brother's birthday, but we had a family and friends surprise party for him this past weekend, it was fun getting with the family specially since a lot of us have kids now!

Here are some pictures from last weekend and some randoms
                                                             Kayla & Mason
my brother walking in to his surprise party
the kids playing

Mason with the youngest member of the fam. baby Chris!
Austin at  a rock climbing birthday party