Thursday, January 28, 2010

looks like we like carrots!

we just introduce carrots to Kayla this past week, and she seems to like them! Although she gets it all over her face, she somtimes cant get enough of them and wants to grab the spoon from me or daddy so she can feed herself.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

what a busy, but great weekend

WOW I know its already thursday and a new weekend is about to start but I just wanted to post about our past weekend. Both my kids started their winter / spring activities. Austin started basketball on staurday;which was very exciting because it was his first time playing basketball. So far he has played soccer and baseball, He is quite and athlete and wants to play just about any sport that my brother plays,so we are just letting him try them out until he sticks to one he really likes.

On Sunday, miss Kayla started the little gym bugs class( just like gymboree).it is a great developmental class for babies and their parents and we seriosuly had so much fun! Kayla was loving the crowed and the loud singing. It is also a great thing to do together, since Im at work all week.

Needless to say that my weekend mornings are now booked, but its so worth seeing my little ones busy and having a good time.

You cant really tell in the picture but she is staring at the bubbles coming down.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

5 months already?

I cannot believe Kayla is almost half a year old. where is the time going!, Im still trying to get over the fact that my little man is just turned six!... my munckins are growing way too fast!!!

Kayla continues to amaze us with her loving and fun personality; she is such a happy baby, and has a smile that lights up the room. She is now sitting without support, and pretty much trying to reach everything that she sees. she is rolling around like crazy! I lay her on the play mat and two seconds later she is at the other side of the room (baby gates need to come up asap!)
She has learn to whine (not cry) a very high pitch level, it is actually quite funny ;)...she doesnt go to the doctors until next month so I dont know exactly how much she weights, but Im assuming around 14-15 lbs. She is quite a "chunk a monk" (her brothers nickname for her). She is still breastfeeding, pumped milk during the day, and mama at night and on the weekends. She started cereal last month, and just last week started fruits...she loves her some bananas, Im crossing my fingers she will like her veggies next week.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Where is there time to sleep?

I have been non stop trying to balance work, 2 kids, and a husband all while being sick! Due to our lovely changing weather in VA, where is nice one day and freezing cold the next, I caught a horrific cold! Im feeling a lot better now, but it sure was not a fun week for me! Luckily I got sick right after Austin's birthday party, which btw was a hit!the kids all enjoyed bowling, although a little hectic sometimes, but that is bound to happen when you have a bunch of 5-6 year olds trying to bowl at the same time.

Im now feeling better and since today was a holiday I was able to stay at home and get stuff done around the house and also aqueeze in some Me time!

here are some pictures of Austin's birthday party!

Austin was so tired after his party, he didnt make it to his bed!

and of course some random shots of baby Kayla!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

oh sophie!

dont really know what the big deal is about you, but I do know that you have become a big hit in the Fick household!
To be honest, when we got this at christmas I thougt it just looked like a dog toy to me; but to Kayla is probably one of her favorites! She seriosuly gags herself trying to shove this giraffe in her mouth. This is probably the only teether that's soft enough for her. It's not only a teether but also a fun distraction. Those precious moments that Sophie buys me when I can steal away and get some stuff done around the house are so worth buying!

This is my baby girl when I tried taking the toy away

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Red apple cheeks!

It is so cold where we live and lately that has been making my poor baby get really dry red cheeks:( I have to keep putting lotion on her cute little cheeks otherwise it will get really bad, she has such sensitive skin.

here she is normal

and now look at her chapped red cheeks they are so cute though :)

she is still such a happy baby!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Austin!!!

Yesterday was my baby's brithday! he turned 6!!! WOW I cant believe he is getting so old!! stop growing!. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was just watching him take his firsts steps. Time really does fly when you are having fun!! Before i know it Kayla will be right behind her big brother. We enjoyed dinner at his favorite Japanese Steakhouse with family and friends...and Sunday will be his birthday party at the bowling alley!


He got a cake in the face thanks to daddy:)

Monday, January 4, 2010


We went to my in-laws Lake house for New Years and had a blast just relaxing with friends( Thank you Nana and Pop Pop!) Cant believe how fast this year went flew by!Hope everyone had a great New Years!

some pictures of us at the Lake

This is my favorite picture of her!

Kayla and Cousin Mason,