Tuesday, January 12, 2010

oh sophie!

dont really know what the big deal is about you, but I do know that you have become a big hit in the Fick household!
To be honest, when we got this at christmas I thougt it just looked like a dog toy to me; but to Kayla is probably one of her favorites! She seriosuly gags herself trying to shove this giraffe in her mouth. This is probably the only teether that's soft enough for her. It's not only a teether but also a fun distraction. Those precious moments that Sophie buys me when I can steal away and get some stuff done around the house are so worth buying!

This is my baby girl when I tried taking the toy away


  1. awww...she looks so hurt in the last picture!

  2. oh I know, its so sad. I tried to take her bff from her, and she wasnt happy!

  3. Sophie is the BEST! We call it the "dog toy for babies". I bought one for my daughter at Nordstrom and it was an instant hit. My husband told me I was wasting money, but now he totally things it was worth it.

  4. Haha, everytime I see a mom with the Sophie, I smile. It is so funny how much babies love that giraffe!! She looks so cute in that last pic. What a sad face!

    Oh and PS: Dont put it in water! Our sophie lost her squeak because we threw her in the bath. I am soo tempted to buy another one. Someone needs to stop me. haha!