Wednesday, January 27, 2010

what a busy, but great weekend

WOW I know its already thursday and a new weekend is about to start but I just wanted to post about our past weekend. Both my kids started their winter / spring activities. Austin started basketball on staurday;which was very exciting because it was his first time playing basketball. So far he has played soccer and baseball, He is quite and athlete and wants to play just about any sport that my brother plays,so we are just letting him try them out until he sticks to one he really likes.

On Sunday, miss Kayla started the little gym bugs class( just like gymboree).it is a great developmental class for babies and their parents and we seriosuly had so much fun! Kayla was loving the crowed and the loud singing. It is also a great thing to do together, since Im at work all week.

Needless to say that my weekend mornings are now booked, but its so worth seeing my little ones busy and having a good time.

You cant really tell in the picture but she is staring at the bubbles coming down.

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