Saturday, July 23, 2011


Its been pretty unbearable this past week, our heat index hit the triple digits!!! it was really hard to go out with two little ones but even harder to stay in the house (with AC) and a very active 7 year old! Summer is here and in full force!!! and because of our lovely weather I've decided to share some of my fave summer things to do or things to have that help keep you cool!

who doesn't enjoy a good summer movie with cool AC!.... I'm a sucker for pixar Disney movies and Cars two was definitely on my list this summer! This past Friday I got a sitter for the two little ones and Austin and I went on a little lunch date:) I loved the movie! I think I almost like it better than the first
champagne Popsicles!! I saw these on a blog and they just look so refreshing!!! these look great for a hot summer girls night!

a water spray& fan! I got mine at Wal Mart and they are great to have when you are out at the park or the pool with the little ones

A good summer reading! when I'm not super exhausted or playing on the computer  after the kids are asleep I like to open up a good book! Emily Griffin is a favorite of mine

ahh to be a kid again and enjoy running thru the sprinklers! 
here is Kayla and Haley running thru ours :)

These are just some of mine, what are your summer picks ?


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Little Diva

My not so "little"Girly girl is 23 months!!!
In just one month I will have a two year old! I'm honestly loving the toddler stage right now, It is so much fun to watch her do something new everyday and she is such a little person with a very girly personality. Kayla is such a sweetheart, sometimes (all the time) she is soo clingy! Which is good on the days that I just want to snuggle with her,but most of the time I just want her to play with her toys as opposed to being my shadow in the kitchen and cleaning or playing with Tupperware(might have to bring her little play kitchen upstairs)

She is quite the little nurturing "mommy" to both her brothers, a little more towards Dylan since he is the baby in the house but she loves those two so much! She is talking a lot more, but not as much as I would want her to be;The doctor said that she is fine because she follows commends and says words and it could be that she is timid and she is just having everyone talk for her so she is no rush. I just can't wait till she starts talking in sentences so that we can have one on one convos:)

Now on to party planning!!

I decided to have a classic black red and white Minnie mouse party for our little princess! I figured it was very appropriate since she likes to watch mickey mouse club house in the mornings,I already started brainstorming and of course been glued to etsy and ordering things here and there for it!

Here are some inspirations

and here are some of miss Kayla on her photo shoot for her invitations, Help me decide 

These are of her just being a goof because she was over it! ( so hard to get a good pic now a days)


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mild panic attack!!!! :(

So we just got back from our week family vacation which was Faboulous and very well needed!! We went down To FL to visit friends family and ultimately to stay at my inlaws home in Sarasota. I of course had taken tons of pictures and was so excited to print them and post them as well, but unfortunately right now my sd card is in the process of data recovery!!! Austin decided to take a picture of my brother and start pressing buttons, which caused for ALL my images to disappear! Needless to say, I'm very sad and upset because I had tons of pictures there that I hadn't saved! I really hope I'm able to recover all if not some of these:( Has anything like this happened to anyone?