Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mild panic attack!!!! :(

So we just got back from our week family vacation which was Faboulous and very well needed!! We went down To FL to visit friends family and ultimately to stay at my inlaws home in Sarasota. I of course had taken tons of pictures and was so excited to print them and post them as well, but unfortunately right now my sd card is in the process of data recovery!!! Austin decided to take a picture of my brother and start pressing buttons, which caused for ALL my images to disappear! Needless to say, I'm very sad and upset because I had tons of pictures there that I hadn't saved! I really hope I'm able to recover all if not some of these:( Has anything like this happened to anyone?



  1. Just last week I lost 1000 pictures off card. It just said card error and my USB wouldn't work either. I quickly got online and looked it up and I used Cardreader. It thought for sure it was a scam bc I am not at all computer savvy. I was so near panic I completely understand!! Anyways it did the job but it was 39.99 and I felt like had I been more knowledgeable I could have done it for free but It worked and that is ALL i cared about.
    My little boy's last 6 months were on the card so when they popped up I felt like a million bucks. I hope this helps you:) Good luck

  2. Oh no! I hope you'll be able to recover them!