Thursday, June 28, 2012

Road trip!

We are taking a road trip to FL for two weeks,today!!! Austin had an audition for a casting last year ( I'll explain more about it later) but he got called back for another one in Orlando FL! I'm totally not a stage mom, but Justin and I decided to go for it and make it into a family trip! We are going to Orlando for a week and going to My in laws house in Sarasota for the next week!, Justin has a business customer down there so he is actually working a couple of days while we're there, but I think I'll be ok with the kids by myself in sunny FL!
Now the tricky part is this, how do you do a road trip with two very active toddlers and an 8 year old for 12 hours!! Ugh the thought of that just gets me anxious! Of course I goggled and searched Pinterest for some ideas and actually found some that I'm using.

First of all, I thought this idea was great for packing since we are a bigger family and this not only saves room but keeps you organized, pack outfits for the kids in ziplock bags

Then I also made each kid an activity bag which consisted of all these little items here are some. I bought cookie sheets from the dollar store and painted them with chalk paint , that way they had it to play with chalk, and magnets and also used it as a tray. The road trip Bingo is mainly to play with Austin, since the little ones don't understand

Then I found these ideas to bring in the car; in an old wipe box I made a little first aid kit for the car, and the last one is the clothes pin idea; each kid gets a clothes pin and if they are good the clothes pin stays up and at the next pit stop they get a treat! 

Hopefully these little tips and tricks that I found will keep the trip a little less chaotic, what are some tips and tricks that you use for road trips with kids?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Tiny Dancer!

Kayla had her last Dance class and they had a little show for the parents! I honestly looked forward to every Friday just so that I could see this little adorable 2ft tall dancer! She will start her summer camp in July and I'm do excited to see her!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fathers day

We had a very relaxing father's day on Sunday.Started our day with breakfast in bed for the hubs, then off to church we went, followed by an awesome crab feast ( hubby's fav!).
The kids and I are truly blessed to have this amazing guy in our lives! My heart melts every time I see Justin playing with the kids or when Kayla stares at her dad and out of nowhere says "I love you" she is such a daddy's little girl!! I love it!
Thank you for being such a Devote and Dedicated daddy to kids and I we love you!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

you know its summer when..

you start seeing all of these pictures in my camera :) Austin's last day of school is this friday! I mean I feel like I just sent him to school in Sept! Im so excited because since he played two sports in the spring and he was not only busy with that but also with a tutor and other extra activities, we get the rest of June and most of July to do nothing but just relax and enjoy the summer! we are also looking forward to a two week vacation in Fl the first two weeks of July!! (Im honestly counting down!)
I usually sign him up for camps but my little man has had his little agenda booked! and of course mommy was the chauffeur :) He will do a fun sports camp but in August so it will give him time to rest and relax and enjoy his free time!

what are some of your plans with kids this summer ?