Wednesday, August 29, 2012

School starts in T-5 days!

What?!! Summer just started! It feels like summer always flies by! But I'm actually looking forward to fall! As much as I love lounging around staying in our pj's for half the day and fun days at the pool and beach, I'm ready to have a routine going for both me and the kids.

This year I have a 3rd grader and a preschooler and I can already tell I'm gonna need some Kleenex for the first day! Kayla is going to be in preschool two days a week, and although it's going to be a great break for me, and a great way for her to get out and learn / play with other kids her age; I can't help but feel sad to let her go and be a little more independent!

So for the past week I have been getting Our house ready for a hopefully simple and stress free school year ( I did say hopefully :). Well of course Pinterest and blogs have gotten the best of me and have pushed me to become a little bit more organized! Gotta love the internet right?! Ok so, I went through everyone's closet and ripped them apart, Believe it or not I had tons of big trash bags full of baby/ toddler clothes and things that no longer fit Austin! Boy did I feel horrible when I found 12 month old clothes in Kayla's closet!Then I figured out ways to not only make it simple for me but for them to keep the closets organized, then I created some folders/ board and charts to help us out. Hopefully this system works!if not we gotta figure something out!

This is what I came up with in Austin's closet, I wished I took a before picture because he had so much clothes and it was everywhere!

these were two small bookcases that I stacked up for storage, I saw this save, money, spend, donate idea from this blog, we are starting to do allowance this year with Austin, so this was a neat idea to have him decide what to do with money.

I  bought these boards from target to help him see what is coming up on his schedule like soccer practice, and games and any important dates just for him

I also found this checklist erase board from the dollar section at target to write a chore list for him, which will depend on his weekly allowance
I think I'm most proud of Kayla's transformation in her closet because its so colorful, and pink :)

I also added this bookcase to her closet to store some books and extra toys she has, I labeled the bins with her play "dress up clothes" but didn't label the bottom one because thats where her clothes for the school week will go, that way we can just get ready quickly instead of hang her stare at her closet and already at this age trying to decide what to wear on her own!

I created this small filling area in my kitchen where I made a folder for each family member, to put important paper that needs to be done or filled out. (permission slips,school information, etc) before we file it away on our actual filling cabinets.its also a place were the mail goes before sorting it out

 As much as I love new technology and my iPhone, Im still an old school  kind of girl and need an actual calendar and daybook, Im also a big list type of person, so this works for me
here I write my daily/ weekly agenda, my finances for the month, my projects (because my hubby thinks I overload him with all these ideas for the house) some ideas for this god ole blog, which hopefully help me keep up with it!

So that is what Ive been doing to try and get organized for the new school year, Hope it works!! 

what tips and tricks do you have to stay organized on a day to day basis? 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pretty giveaway !

I wanted to share this awesome giveaway that Sydney from The Daybook is having!!! go check it out! any lucky reader can enter to win a beautiful necklace like this one from cheerfully charmed!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kayla is 3.. really ?

I can't believe my baby girl is 3 already !!! It crazy how time flies with these kiddos! I still remember the night I was sitting on the ouch wanting to get this baby out because it was her due date the next day and all of a sudden my water broke! yep miss Kayla was very punctual and her arrival was a wonderful blessing to our family!! Kayla lights up the room with a smile, although  she doesn't always want to give you that smile unless she is sure she knows you and likes you lol... she is the biggest  daddy's girl, and it melts my heart to see how much she loves her daddy! she is also very caring specially when it comes to her brothers, she acts like such a mommy to both of them. We are truly blessed to have her and we love you her so much HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYLA!

 A special guest  (Tinkerbell ) came to surprise Kayla !!! she was so excited and loved her being there

Her party this year was a Fairy Princess party, but since she also has a lot of play buddies that are boys I wanted to include in the party, we had a Pixie, pirate p/pan party!

Most of the stuff were from Michaels, the party store, or DIY, but I did get the favor tags from Etsy Scrappin Ashley! she was great to work with and the tags were adorable!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Job Title

well besides being a SAHM I decided to join the team of Stella and Dot, and become an independent stylist!! I went to a party a while back and fell in love with their pieces, the flexibility of their schedule works perfect for a busy mom like me,  not to mention an extra income could be very helpful around the house!

So any of you ladies out there that love jewelry, please check out my website and feel free to order anything! also if you live in Northern VA/ DC area and would love to host a girls night in with some amazing jewelry then let me know!!

Celebrities also love this line!