Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kayla is 3.. really ?

I can't believe my baby girl is 3 already !!! It crazy how time flies with these kiddos! I still remember the night I was sitting on the ouch wanting to get this baby out because it was her due date the next day and all of a sudden my water broke! yep miss Kayla was very punctual and her arrival was a wonderful blessing to our family!! Kayla lights up the room with a smile, although  she doesn't always want to give you that smile unless she is sure she knows you and likes you lol... she is the biggest  daddy's girl, and it melts my heart to see how much she loves her daddy! she is also very caring specially when it comes to her brothers, she acts like such a mommy to both of them. We are truly blessed to have her and we love you her so much HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYLA!

 A special guest  (Tinkerbell ) came to surprise Kayla !!! she was so excited and loved her being there

Her party this year was a Fairy Princess party, but since she also has a lot of play buddies that are boys I wanted to include in the party, we had a Pixie, pirate p/pan party!

Most of the stuff were from Michaels, the party store, or DIY, but I did get the favor tags from Etsy Scrappin Ashley! she was great to work with and the tags were adorable!!


  1. OMG........this makes me want to have a little girl so stinkin' bad!! Great job on the party!

  2. Wow! I love you had Tinkerbell there, what a great idea! Happy Birthday Kayla!

  3. Love you Kayla Wayla!

  4. What a great party!
    Happy belated birthday, Kayla!