Friday, October 29, 2010

Birthday party, Disney on Ice and Pumpkin Patch!!!

All in one weekend!!! Last weekend was a busy weekend for us, we had my nephew's first bday party, then we surpried Austin with tickets to Toy Story 3 on ice and on Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch with our cousins!! even thoough it was an eventful weekend, we still had lots of fun!!! of course it was extra fun for me, because now that I stay at home with the kiddos I look foward to busy family fun events!!

Hope everyone has a fun filled halloween weekend this weekend !!
Happy Friday everyone!

                                                   Happy Birthday Mason!!


                                              me & big brother  Austin @ 20 weeks preggo!



Friday, October 15, 2010

And we are Having a........

BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So after debating and going back and forth on wether or not we were going to find out. we decided to just go for it! well it was more of us trying to guess at our appointment today, but then we just asked her to tell us, and it looks like miss Kayla will be the only princess in the house,  the kids are getting another brother!!! Everything went well at out appointment and we are so excited and blessed! Now since I thought I was having a girl for some reason, I had only thought of some girl names and some for boys but none that popped out. so if anyone has any cute baby boy names they wouldnt mind sharing, please throw them our way! me and hubby are horrible at picking out names because we can never agree on the same one:)

k well hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

pregnancy update and a survey!

YEP! cant believe Im 18 weeks! well actually I will be 19 weeks tomorrow so close to being half way done!. First off I wanted to thank everyone for the nice comments, we are truly blessed and very excited for our third little munchkin. I still think is kind of shocking at times but that is because Im always running around with my other two. The kids, well Austin  is very excited because he thinks he is having a baby brother!!! we havent decided if we want to find out or not, so we shall see if he is correct. Kayla is too young to tell; I gave her a baby doll the other day and tried to have her gently play with it, but instead she threw the doll across the room:)

Due Date: March 10, 2011
Total weight gain: 6.5 lbs
Morning Sickness: I didnt really get sick with this pregnancy, I got nauseus a lot and only got sick twice but it wasnt like how I was with Kayla, and I didnt get sick at all with Austin
Cravings: None for food!!! seriosuly nothing seems apetizing to me at all!!! unless it is something sweet! I have a horrible sweet tooth!
Sleep: Ughh I wish I can sleep through the night! I wake up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night then I toss and turn and cant get myself back asleep!
I can't live without: tums! have been having heartburn/ indigestion
I miss: SLEEP! and I usually had that since both my kids sleep through the night, oh and a cold beer every now and then specially since football season is here!  love to watch our team play on sundays
I am looking forward to: Next week is our anatomy ultrasound! I am really looking forward to seeing our little munchkin move around and make sure everything is well and growing in there healthy!
Milestones: Finally feeling some flutters, I was starting to get nervous because I had felt kicks by now with both my kids but I guess every pregnancy is different!
Exercise: got on the elliptical twice this week.
Diet: I wouldnt say is the healthiest, but it has been pretty boring since I cant find something that Im truly loving now.
Movement: some flutters here and there no major ones yet
Gender: we can find out next week, but since its our third we might make it a sursprise/ the decision on that keeps changing though
Labor Signs: none
Belly Shot:
here is me and my sister at a winery
18 week belly, Ill take a better shot next week


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Playing Catch up!

I cannot believe it has been almost 2 months since I wrote in here! I have been neglecting this little family blog of mine as well  as reading others blogs too and Im so sorry!, but we have been a little busy, for starters,here is one of the reasons!!!!

Yep!!! Our little family of four is expanding! and well it was a HUGE surprise to us, since we were defenitely not trying. I have always  thought of having three kids, but I never thought of having them that close in age! However we are excited and very blessed; Im actually already in my second timester,18 weeks to be exact!!! but with the kids and school starting and me feeling a little shock and overwhelmed not to mention tired, my first trimester went by FLYING!

 I will post more about the preganacy later but I wanted to  post about the last couple of weeks of summer! we tried to squeeze in a lot of trips/activities for us to do before Austin went back to school. so we went
 to a couple of museums in DC, Hershey Park in PA, and Great Wolfe Lodge all within the last couple of weeks.

since they were all a great time, I figured I would just bore you with the pictures instead of writing about it :)

                                    Here are some from the Smithsonian National History Musuem

I dont think Kayla really liked this shot!
Austin being a Goofball:)

Kayla wasnt a big fan of this display either

Air & Space Museum / Hershey Park!