Friday, October 29, 2010

Birthday party, Disney on Ice and Pumpkin Patch!!!

All in one weekend!!! Last weekend was a busy weekend for us, we had my nephew's first bday party, then we surpried Austin with tickets to Toy Story 3 on ice and on Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch with our cousins!! even thoough it was an eventful weekend, we still had lots of fun!!! of course it was extra fun for me, because now that I stay at home with the kiddos I look foward to busy family fun events!!

Hope everyone has a fun filled halloween weekend this weekend !!
Happy Friday everyone!

                                                   Happy Birthday Mason!!


                                              me & big brother  Austin @ 20 weeks preggo!




  1. Your kids are so cute :), glad to hear you had such a fun and busy weekend. The toy story 3 on ice sounds like so much fun.
    Have a happy Halloween weekend also :)

  2. You look so great preggers :) How was Toy Story on Ice? We are thinking of going. Nothing better than a fun filled family weekend :)

  3. It sounds like you've been busy! Cute pictures. You do look great!

  4. Cute! How was Toy Story on Ice? We were thinking about going to something like that this Spring!

  5. Krysta, Toy story was great! The kids really enjoyed it! I totally recommended

  6. I am WAY late reading this one....but my son would just about DIE to see that Woody in Ice :)....he is slightly obsessed with Woody right now!!