Monday, May 6, 2013

I wish I could freeze time

And have my babies stay babies!! This past weekend we got rid of Dylan's crib and got him a big boy bed! I mean where did my little baby go? Or all three for that matter!!

We actually did it a little sooner than Kayla and Austin, but Dylan started waking up in the middle of the night,hysterical crying and we couldn't or still can't figure out why he has been doing this for the past two weeks!! We thought that he was outgrowing his crib, because if I tried to go in his room, he would immediately lay down and try to go back to sleep but would toss and turn and was all over that crib! I thought at first he was restless and off his schedule, so I made sure he took his nap and went to bed on time ( it's hard thing to do lately with Austin's baseball schedule) but No, he would still wake up?'

One of the nights I was so tired that I just brought him back to my bed and seriously he kicked daddy off the bed and well,I was barely on it, while he was so comfortable and all spread out! I kind of wished I took a picture but at 2am I wasn't going to push my luck of waking him up! So anyway we figured he just needed some space!

So far he had only woken up once and it was the first night, so hopefully that's what the problem was!!

Needless to say I was a very sad mommy to see that crib go!! At least he is still not potty trained so I technically can still call him my "baby"

I still need to buy a comforter and re-do his room, but here it is so far

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I have some explaining to do!!....

Well since's Dylan's birthday we have gone on two back to back trips!! Which is a rare thing to do for us considering we only take one vacay a year and that's usually in the summer.

Our first trip was to Peru! We haven't been there since I was preggers with Kayla so it had been a really long time and my grandma had never met Kayla or Dylan, so hubby the kids and I joined my mom and two brothers and headed down to grandmothers house! It was the first time my two little ones had been on a plane and let me tell you, I was one scared mama, considering I don't like flying myself!!! I always have to have a couple of drinks before I board, luckily I had a lot of extra hands but fortunate for me, Dylan only wanted his mama and needless to say was a Hot mess!!!!! I'm talking screaming, crying, laughing, wanting to go run around!!! Yep I was definitely that mom you didn't want to sit next to!!! Oh well it was all well worthy to go see family specially my grandma. We had an amazing time!!!!

Our next trip was sans kids to Cabo San Lucas!!!!! Hubby and I hadn't taken a trip by ourselves since our honeymoon, so it was definitely well deserved!!! We went with two other couples and stayed at the One and Only Palmilla, it was one of our friends time share, and it was beyond amazing!!! I kind of felt like a celebrity for 4 days LoL!!!

Of course in between the trips we've had dance, countless hours of baseball& soccer, karate and a lot of driving back and forth for me!! I literally feel like a chauffeur sometimes!!! Yesterday I was finally at home for more than 4 hours straight during the day!!! Theses kids and their sports are no joke!

Some random pics from my trips

the couple of hours he finally slept!

 family reunion

 My sweet grandma

and now some from Cabo 

which started with a nice little drink before departure 

 Our view from our balcony

 Organic carrot farmarita! It was delicious
My friend Joanna and I 

 my attempt at kayaking, which consisted of me going nowhere but in circles ha!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

2 years ago on March 5th

My little sunshine was born! He was our surprise baby, and even though I was a little scared because of how close him and Kayla were going to be, he was a great blessing and addition to our little family!

We love you so much Dylan or "coco" as your sister calls you. You are the funniest little dude ever! You definitely know how to make mommy laugh. You are a sweet little boy, but knows how to stick up for yourself and aren't scared of anyone or anything for that matter! You love dogs, maybe a little too much because you can't control your strength with them and seem to hug your uncles dog a little too strong! You are def the trouble maker of the family and keep us on our toes, you love your sister, but also love to fight with her over anything she has. We are so blessed to have you in our family!

Love you
Mommy , Daddy, Kayla & Austin

here are some pictures of his birthday, we surprised him with balloons in his room and a special breakfast, he will have his "very hungry caterpillar party " this weekend