Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My munchkin is growing up

This past weekend was Austin's first baseball game! He was so cute, and still probably the smallest one on the team, but he did so good! He is no longer in T-ball so the game is a little bit more "intense and a bit more of a game. I know this blog is mainly for his lil sister but I just wanted to share some photos of him.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

22 weeks!

Not much to really update since last week, except for Austin is starting to get really excited about his sister!!! He kisses my belly when I drop him off at school and pretends he is saying bye to her:) This is a big change from the earlier weeks when he kind of just blew off any baby conversation, I think the growing bump makes a difference because he thinks the bigger it gets the sooner his sister will arrive.

Notice how I said "baby".. well thats because we still haven't come up with a name!!! but I guess thats no surprise since hubbs and I took forever to come up with Austin and I think we finally decided a month before he arrived.. Hopefully well brainstorm for one and come up with one soon.

here is my 22 week pic and I just wanted to add a family shot taken at the cherry blossoms in DC

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bedding for Baby

Austin has plenty of baby stuff to share with his sister,but there is still a couple of new things that we need to get her, like bedding and of course clothes and a couple of the small stuff... Well I was looking at bedding online and everything I liked was defenitly more expensive than I expected, I guess I may be being a little picky but I want something plain and classic not too babyish.

I talked to my mom who is awesome at sewing and doing all that good stuff and I may be able to get my own fabric and have her make the bedding, here are a couple of the ones that I like for ideas!

21 weeks

I had my 5 month check up last week and everything looks good!.. Sometimes the monthly check ups are such a hassle because they dont really tell you much, unless you have questions,so far I have gained 12 lbs,and baby's heart beat still very strong.

Our little princess finally started kicking and moving around a lot more!!! Hubbs felt her kick the other night,and it was actually pretty amazing! Big brother Austin hasnt felt her quite yet,she has been a little shy every time he comes around,I know he will feel her soon and a thousand questions will follow that moment:)

Here is my 21 week shot that my friend took at work,I see a huge difference since my last picture, its like I woke up one morning and my stomach had popped! Im now wearing mostly all maternity clothes! I can still fit into a lot of my old shirts and dresses but I defenitly retired my pre- preggo jeans.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

halfway there!!!

WOW!!! its crazy how Im almost done with my 20 weeks!! Everything is going great, I feel so much better and now Im slowly staring to enjoy food,although is still a little boring to me :( except of course anything that is peruvian food!!! You would think that since I'm from there I would know how to make it right? NO,I STILL have to ask my mom to make me a good meal every now and then :)

So the baby weights less than a pund and so far very healthy and according to the "bump" website she is now the size of cantaloupe!!! next week she will be a bannana! its funny how they compare it to fruit, and speaking of fruit.. Im starting to get really hungry:)

Austin is having a baby sister!!!

Its a girl!!! we all kind of had a feeling or hoped that this time around we would get our little princess, but our son was definitely sure we were having a girl!, everytime you asked him what he wanted he would say a brother but he knew it would be a girl, His intuation was right!

It was so great to see our little girl on the ultrasound, she was very active and would not cooperate with the Tech to take many pictures she kept moving and crossing her legs.

we already have some names picked out but havent decided on our favorite one yet, I will post once we make our decision, we are all very thrilled about her and cant wait to meet her in August!

Here are some pictures from the ultrasound, Like I said earlier she was a little handful for the Tech so we couldnt get very good ones.