Thursday, April 16, 2009

22 weeks!

Not much to really update since last week, except for Austin is starting to get really excited about his sister!!! He kisses my belly when I drop him off at school and pretends he is saying bye to her:) This is a big change from the earlier weeks when he kind of just blew off any baby conversation, I think the growing bump makes a difference because he thinks the bigger it gets the sooner his sister will arrive.

Notice how I said "baby".. well thats because we still haven't come up with a name!!! but I guess thats no surprise since hubbs and I took forever to come up with Austin and I think we finally decided a month before he arrived.. Hopefully well brainstorm for one and come up with one soon.

here is my 22 week pic and I just wanted to add a family shot taken at the cherry blossoms in DC

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