Monday, December 21, 2009

Blizzard '09

This pat weekend we got 20 inches of snow!!! ... looks like we are going to have a white christmas after all!!! It looks so beautiful outside, although not so pretty to drive in. the boys played outside while mommy and Kayla stayed warm inside, but since it was her first snow! I took her out for a couple of minutes to get some pictures of her:)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy four months!!

My baby was 4 months old two days ago!!! Happy Birthday to her!

what she is up to:

. she is drooling constantly!! I wonder if she is getting a tooth soon.

. everything she sees goes straight to her mouth! specially her socks(Kayla is always taking them off)!!

. she loves her playmat! except for when she rolls over.. she rolls and then gets stuck and gets frustrated.

. still not a huge fan of tummy time, but it looks like she is liking it a bit more every day.

. she is probably the happiest baby I know!! she is always smiling (dont get me wrong she still cries, but rarely, or when something is really wrong)

. she sleeps through the night ever since 2 months!

. since this past Monday she has been sleeping in her crib! like a big girl( please stop growing so fast:)

.she is now wearing size two diapers!

I will post her stats after her appointment but here are some of her pictures with her 4 month sticker! oh dont mind the hat photo shoot, I just wanted to try all of them on.

I've been tag! TAM

I was tagged as a TAM (Truly Authentic Mom) by Mike&Care - The Kipper Family Blog
Here are 5 things that I think make me a TAM :)

1.I know the songs to every nickelodeon/Disney show... and I think I like watching the "suite life of Zack and Cody" more than my son does :)

2.I'm a little obssesed with taking pictures of my kids; at first I thought I was like this with Austin because he was my first, but Im still as bad with Kayla! they are just so adorable!(I know every mom says this:))

3. when my mom watches Kayla during the week, I have her take pictures on her phone and send them to me, I look foward to them every day, and it helps me make it through a long day of work.

4 I love having converstations with my kids, well with Kayla I just talk to her and she just coo's back:), but I have real conversations with Austin about his day at school and they are the best! he talks like a grown up and I just love hearing about his day.

5 I just melt when I see Austin and Kayla interact with each other, Austin is such a good big brother and she always has a smile form ear to ear when she sees him!

Austin and Kayla (dressed as a candy cane hehe)

Kayla having a serious talk with her brother!

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Monday, December 14, 2009

its a Christmas Party!

this weekend we had our annual christmas party with friends and family, it was a lot of fun, but Im alittle bummed because I totally forgot to take some pictures! I only took some of the kids at the beigining of the night then I was too busy haniging out and taking care of Kayla.. so here are the few that I took :(

Austin and cousin Taylor

uncle Matt with Austin and Kayla

Austin was the star of the week at school so he got to take Louie the Lion(school mascot) for the weekend.

Kayla and Auntie Jen

she found her her toes...

well she did a little bit ago, but I finally got a picture of it. She is constantly taking her socks ofF now that she figured out how to do it.

here she is laying next to my brother "uncle Ricardo"

Tis the season to be merry!

I'm finally done decorating for x mas! I felt like every weekend I had to add something to our house or the tree's to finish. I have our main tree upstairs and its more formal looking and then I have a tree for the kids downstairs and that one is full of fun colors. here are some pics

my babies by the christmas tree

love my babies

the family tree

the kids tree

Thursday, December 10, 2009

mommy and me outfits !!

Justin and I are having our annual christmas party this saturday and of course I always get excited for it specially to dress up every year as well as dressing my little man up, but this year I have a little minnie me :) to think about! (its so much fun dressing up your little girl).

since Im still not back to my pre pregnancy weigh :( I decided to go for darker colors, so my outfit is not too exciting; but Kayla's outfit just turned out to kind of match mine and it is soo cute! I cant wait to take pictures of her!
I will post some pictures later but here is a sneak peek

Items in this set:
Alexander McQueen Draped cashmere-blend sweaterhref=""> - New Arrivals - Apparel, $18 - Shoes - Dressy - 2069746956, $27
Ravishing Rhinestone Necklace, $5.80 - Accessories - Legwear, $5.80

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

just chilling!

look who I found just relaxing away as I was cleaning the house!

to be thankful..

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving; ours was Faboulous!! we split the day with both families and had lunch with Justins family and dinner with mine. There are a lot of thigs this year that I have to be thankful for.. a wonderful family, my loving and caring husband, two amazing kids and so much more.

Kayla on her first thanksgiving

my little man is getting so big and handsome!

Kayla and cousin Jeff reading all the sales and getting ready for black friday!