Thursday, December 10, 2009

mommy and me outfits !!

Justin and I are having our annual christmas party this saturday and of course I always get excited for it specially to dress up every year as well as dressing my little man up, but this year I have a little minnie me :) to think about! (its so much fun dressing up your little girl).

since Im still not back to my pre pregnancy weigh :( I decided to go for darker colors, so my outfit is not too exciting; but Kayla's outfit just turned out to kind of match mine and it is soo cute! I cant wait to take pictures of her!
I will post some pictures later but here is a sneak peek

Items in this set:
Alexander McQueen Draped cashmere-blend sweaterhref=""> - New Arrivals - Apparel, $18 - Shoes - Dressy - 2069746956, $27
Ravishing Rhinestone Necklace, $5.80 - Accessories - Legwear, $5.80

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