Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy four months!!

My baby was 4 months old two days ago!!! Happy Birthday to her!

what she is up to:

. she is drooling constantly!! I wonder if she is getting a tooth soon.

. everything she sees goes straight to her mouth! specially her socks(Kayla is always taking them off)!!

. she loves her playmat! except for when she rolls over.. she rolls and then gets stuck and gets frustrated.

. still not a huge fan of tummy time, but it looks like she is liking it a bit more every day.

. she is probably the happiest baby I know!! she is always smiling (dont get me wrong she still cries, but rarely, or when something is really wrong)

. she sleeps through the night ever since 2 months!

. since this past Monday she has been sleeping in her crib! like a big girl( please stop growing so fast:)

.she is now wearing size two diapers!

I will post her stats after her appointment but here are some of her pictures with her 4 month sticker! oh dont mind the hat photo shoot, I just wanted to try all of them on.

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