Monday, January 28, 2013

Bookcase makeover and link party

The other weekend I decided to start creating some of my pins from Pinterest and making them come to life! This one was pretty easy and budget friendly, I only spent $14 at TJ Maxx!!! who doesn't love a bargain right?

I have a built in bookcase in our master room, and I have been wanting to revamp it lately. It was way too plain and  very blah. I went into TJ Maxx while Austin was in Karate one day and found some really cool paper  only $7 for a pack of two! at first I thought it was wrapping paper, but as I read through  the label I noticed it said adhesive bookcase cover; I mean how much easier could this be! all I had to do is copy and paste; score!! 

It only took me about about two hours but Im sure it could take less because I had to do it in between nap time and other things

Like I said I just measure cut and paste, the only hard thing was to make sure I had everything aligned everything straight and smooth in any bubbles.

I have seen a lot of these around pinterest, some people use fabric or wrapping paper too. I Love how these turned out!!!

sorry my before pick is from my iphone 

and.. AFTER 

I'm linking this to 
I Heart Nap Time

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The holidays and Austin's birthday

I know Im a little late posting about the holidays, but I feel like its always a very busy time for me, specially since Austin's birthday is right after the new year. We had a great time over the holiday break, baking, making gingerbread houses and specially spending downtime with the family. We spent christmas eve with Justin's parents and christmas with my family, since both of our parents are local we used to go to both parents house on both days, but after having Kayla we decided to split it;  we literally used to have four christmases!! Hope everyone had a fantastic christmas and a wonderful New Year!

On January 4th my baby turned 9!!! I really have to think twice when I have to tell someone his age because I still cannot believe  he is 9, I know everyone says this but time really flies when you have kids!