Monday, January 28, 2013

Bookcase makeover and link party

The other weekend I decided to start creating some of my pins from Pinterest and making them come to life! This one was pretty easy and budget friendly, I only spent $14 at TJ Maxx!!! who doesn't love a bargain right?

I have a built in bookcase in our master room, and I have been wanting to revamp it lately. It was way too plain and  very blah. I went into TJ Maxx while Austin was in Karate one day and found some really cool paper  only $7 for a pack of two! at first I thought it was wrapping paper, but as I read through  the label I noticed it said adhesive bookcase cover; I mean how much easier could this be! all I had to do is copy and paste; score!! 

It only took me about about two hours but Im sure it could take less because I had to do it in between nap time and other things

Like I said I just measure cut and paste, the only hard thing was to make sure I had everything aligned everything straight and smooth in any bubbles.

I have seen a lot of these around pinterest, some people use fabric or wrapping paper too. I Love how these turned out!!!

sorry my before pick is from my iphone 

and.. AFTER 

I'm linking this to 
I Heart Nap Time


  1. That looks awesome! I"m always so proud of people for actually doing the things they pin! Bravo!!