Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One room down!

Trying to make our house into a home is going to be a work in progress, but is so much fun getting to decorate and pick out new furniture and colors. Snce Austin had a birthday this month we decided to start with his room as a gift for xmas/birthday. My mom actually bought him his furniture for his birthday since all of his went to Kayla's room. I wanted to make his room more into a big boys room where he could grow into, I got lots of different ideas  from decor blogs and came up with this at the end.

Here are some Before pictures


Didnt hubby do such a good Job with the paint? I think so:)
 next up is the baby's nursery!!!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

My little man

Well first off let me apoligize for the lack of posts, being on my third trimester and running after a toddler and a 7 year old has gotten me beat! but Im not really complaining I just havent gotten much time to sit by the computer because by the time the kiddos are asleep, Im exhauested!

ok, so I still cant believe that I said "7" year old on the paragraph above, yes!, Austin had his 7th birthday on January 4th and it is still very surreal to me that my baby is a big boy! I mean he acts like  a teenager sometimes already, but I still see him as my little baby boy. I still feel like it was just yesterday that I was preggers with him and complaining about being on my third trimester and how uncomfortable I was, not to mention my 14 hour Labor that I had with him! yes, 14 hours after my water broke until I met my little sunshine.

He is really like my best buddy,I feel like I can just talk to him about anything (well at least anything that is kid friendly), but seriosuly I love our conversations and our bond, specially when I pick him up from school and we talk about our day. He is also a great big brother!, him and Kayla are so cute together, he is very caring and protective over her, that is, if she is not annoying him and tryin to have everything he has, but even when there not getting a long they are still soo cute! Cant wait for him to meet his little brother soon, and see their bond too

Sometimes when he talks to me about girls/little crushes in his classroom, I start to get sad at the thought of one day having him tell me he is going out with his girlfriend and he is too busy too hang out with his mommy; or sorry  I should say "mom" I havent been mommy in a while, because apparently you dont call your mom mommy when you are in the first grade! oh wait Im still mommy when he cant sleep at night or doesnt feel good. convinient right?.. Ahh the joys of being a mom! watching your kids grown and mold into the little person they become is amazing!

He actually didnt want a party this year because he opted to go back to Great wolfe Lodge with the family, so we just had a small dinner at the house and took him to the Lodge with my sister her hubby and Mason and we also brought my niece Taylor and little brother Justin along. We all had a really good time except for I couldnt get a shot of all the kids because everyone was running around going on all the rides/slides..
here are some pics of his actual bday dinner with just the fam and some of us at GWL!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas and New Years Recap!

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Years! Ours consisted of lots of fun, baking, cooking, families, friends, cousins, etc!

these are various throughout Christmas and New Years. but we spent our Christmas eve baking for Santa then went to my sister in law's for dinner, and spent most of Christmas with my family, we woke up Christmas morning to a WHITE Christmas!! yes it was snowing in the morning, which definitely made it really special!
                                                             while waiting to see Santa at the mall

                                                         baking for Santa, I dont think Kayla was
                                                               that excited about it:)

                                                                       Kayla and Nana

                                                                          Kayla and Nini


                                                  my friend Karina and I due the same day!

                                               Kayla loving her cousin Mason

me and my 30 week bump!