Wednesday, June 13, 2012

you know its summer when..

you start seeing all of these pictures in my camera :) Austin's last day of school is this friday! I mean I feel like I just sent him to school in Sept! Im so excited because since he played two sports in the spring and he was not only busy with that but also with a tutor and other extra activities, we get the rest of June and most of July to do nothing but just relax and enjoy the summer! we are also looking forward to a two week vacation in Fl the first two weeks of July!! (Im honestly counting down!)
I usually sign him up for camps but my little man has had his little agenda booked! and of course mommy was the chauffeur :) He will do a fun sports camp but in August so it will give him time to rest and relax and enjoy his free time!

what are some of your plans with kids this summer ?



  1. You've got the cutest family I've ever seen. Everyone is so full of personality and just so adorable!!!

  2. Great pics! Bring on the summer!!! (PS, i LOVE the one of kayla lounging in her chair with the mini umbrella and her bottle of water...haha! Priceless!).