Wednesday, January 20, 2010

5 months already?

I cannot believe Kayla is almost half a year old. where is the time going!, Im still trying to get over the fact that my little man is just turned six!... my munckins are growing way too fast!!!

Kayla continues to amaze us with her loving and fun personality; she is such a happy baby, and has a smile that lights up the room. She is now sitting without support, and pretty much trying to reach everything that she sees. she is rolling around like crazy! I lay her on the play mat and two seconds later she is at the other side of the room (baby gates need to come up asap!)
She has learn to whine (not cry) a very high pitch level, it is actually quite funny ;)...she doesnt go to the doctors until next month so I dont know exactly how much she weights, but Im assuming around 14-15 lbs. She is quite a "chunk a monk" (her brothers nickname for her). She is still breastfeeding, pumped milk during the day, and mama at night and on the weekends. She started cereal last month, and just last week started fruits...she loves her some bananas, Im crossing my fingers she will like her veggies next week.


  1. she looks so happy!!!!!! will be walking soon!!

  2. I love her little leg thingys & the fact that she too get food ALL over her face!!