Thursday, August 5, 2010

WOW! cant believe that I havent blogged since the concert, which btw was soo much fun!! a little too hot but it was a great show!

So far this has been a pretty busy summer for us, Austin is not in summer day care because Im at home most of the time now, so trying to keep him busy and entertained has been a bit of a handful, mainly because of Austin and Kayla's age gap. For those with older kids, what do you do during the summer besides the pool, park etc?
Yesterday was my brother's birthday, but we had a family and friends surprise party for him this past weekend, it was fun getting with the family specially since a lot of us have kids now!

Here are some pictures from last weekend and some randoms
                                                             Kayla & Mason
my brother walking in to his surprise party
the kids playing

Mason with the youngest member of the fam. baby Chris!
Austin at  a rock climbing birthday party

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  1. It seems like we have all been so busy this summer :) And just a few more weeks and it is all over. Looks like the kids have been having a great time.