Thursday, August 5, 2010

finally 11 month pictures

even though she will be 1 next week!!!! I know, I know Im horrible, but better late than ever right?

This post is really hard for me to write, because I really cannot believe that My baby girl will be 1! Kayla, I cant believe how much you've grown in the past year, you laugh, sing, roll, crawl and now walk! Thank you so much for such an exciting year and we are all looking foward to many many more!

Here are her 11 months pics, with a lil preview of her tutu that lovely Sara from Life Uncommon made for her!!! Seriosuly she did such a great job with it, I cant wait till she wears it at her Birthday Party!



  1. I am loving the tutu!! She looks so cute. I always ask myself where does the time go??

  2. Cutest outfit ever!! Miss Kayla is such a sweetie!

  3. Oh my goodness, is she not just the cutest thing? Love the tutu and shirt! So wish I would have made those for GG. Have you entered all my giveaways for birthdays...y'all have her big 1 year soon! The giveaways close tonight at ten, I extended them a bit. Head over and enter---they're all listed on the sidebar!

    Happy Monday, girl!

  4. Aw! She's so beautiful Fern! The last pic of her shwoing her teeth is absolutely perfect! :) See you Saturday! x0x Big K

  5. She is just beautiful! I know exactly what you mean about her already being almost 1 year old!! Its insane to me how fast our little babies are growing up in front of our eyes.

    I love her 11 months pics!