Thursday, November 18, 2010

15 months!!

My little  is baby  toddler is getting so big and she is learning so much everyday! here are some of her new acomplishments.

Words she is saying right now:

yay!( she usually says this when she eats something!, she's a very picky eater so we have been praising her every time she makes a happy plate)
eww ( she says this when I change her diaper, hmm maybe she is ready for potty training?)

Some Things she is into right now are, well pretty much EVERYRTHING!!, but she absolutely LOVES purses, Yes she is only 15 months but has a slight obsession with purses,hmmm maybe she got that from mommy:) she has two little purses, but also grabs mommy's or anything that has a handle and pretends its a purse! she also loves brushing her teeth, but I'm pretty sure is because she likes to suck the oragel paste from it.

She is a Horrible eater!!!! we seriosuly have the pickiest eater in our hands, which trust me, it's so frustrating! she does love herself some fruit, but when it comes to food she has to really like it or be really hungry!! we have tried everything and when she likes something, we tend to stick to it, but unfortunately she gets bored quickly.

She is very good with her bedtime routine, bath, milk, quiet time on the rocking chair, then "night, night" which up until a month ago would last all night, but lately she has been randomly waking up screaming,crying and not wanting to go back to bed:(.... There has been some serious long nights at the Fick household!! I have researched this and apparently some kids go through a period where they have night terrors. Hopefully this wont last long and she will go back to her old self again where she slept all night, mommy, daddy and Austin would really appreciate this!

here are some random pics of our  blue eyed girl



  1. What cutie! Time flies, doesn't it?? I have a picky eater too, so I feel your pain. So funny that she is a girly girl already with the purses :)

  2. What a cutie!!
    <3 Annie

  3. She is getting SO big! My daughter started her picky eating at 14 months, and it's still going strong. She has 3 months to improve, but if she doesn't, she'll have to attend feeding therapy.
    I love the last 2 pictures!