Monday, November 8, 2010

Looking for New Traditions?

First of I cant believe Im writting this post already! This year has flown by! and the holidays are literally right around the corner.
Last year a co worker had an ornament swap party and one of my friends asked the rest of the ladies, “What is your annual Christmas Eve/ christmas day tradition?”

What do we eat? Where do we go? What do we do?

I know that many new families are looking for new traditions and are often torn with whether to begin their own family traditions or continue with old family traditions. It’s hard to come up with fun original ideas, and now that my family is growing I was hoping that you could all leave your tradition here in a comment– and then people/me have a place to find fun ideas for new traditions with their family.

Here’s mine:

Spanish cultures usually open gifts and celebrate Christmas on the 24th so we used to do that until my mom remarried and then we started a new tradition to open only one gift at midnight. Justin and I have followed this tradition since Austin was born, but we actually just did it with us once Austin went to bed.

Another Tradition that we have is to always bake cookies during the day before we go to church or before we head to our relatives house.

and I know Im a such a little kid but I really LOVE this one, because my siblings and I did it growing up, was to wear the same pj's on christmas eve so that we could have a picture op in the morning while we open presents.

So yeah I guess we dont have that many but I would like to start some new ones, even though sometimes it could hard because both of our families are local so we are always traveling/splitting houses on the holiday.

What is your Christmas Eve tradition?



  1. I've always wanted to have a Christmas tradition too. I don't think we really had one growing up, other than the first person who woke up on Christmas morning got to go jump in my parents bed and wake everyone up. After a few years of waking up WAY too early, my parents got wise and said we couldn't get them up before "x" time.

    I like the pj idea, if for nothing else, it makes the pictures cute!

  2. I love traditions :) We don't have much but we do our family dinner and open one gift on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning we wake up open presents and have a huge breakfast (which always consits of monkey bread) mmmhmmm! We play Christmas music all day and lounge around in our PJ's and check out our new gifts and watch movies. ahh I can't wait (:

    Big K <33

  3. Oooh I love traditions! We always open one gift the night before Christmas too, and of course leave a plate of cookies out for Santa and his reindeer :) I love the idea of matching family PJ's though :)

  4. I love reading about your traditions. On Christmas Eve, we give each of the kids one present and a new pair of Christmas pajamas.
    I can't believe the holidays are here! This year did fly by!

  5. Oh gosh, hard to believe the holidays are just around the corner! So fun reading all about your traditions!

  6. our family had a few ... we had a bunch of christmas childrens books that my mom always got out only around the holidays so that was a fun part of the month of december for us growing up. we also each got to pick out an ornament every year and now each of my siblings has their own ornament collection that they can take with them when they are grown to the trees they have in their own home, which i have done. my mom also had a gingerbread mold and we made gingerbread houses from scratch! last one - now that everyone is grown (or at least in college) my siblings and everyone's significant others all do a secret santa for christmas, rather than trying to buy gifts for everyone, which is time consuming and expensive! its a $50 limit and its fun to see who everyone picked out of the hat and what they chose as gifts!

  7. I can't believe Christmas is only a few weeks away :) So great to start your own traditions. We are always on the fence about that too. Should we continue what we did growing up or do new things with our kids?? I think a little of both is always good :)

  8. That is such a fun tradition. :)

    We always celebrate our immediate family "Santa" Christmas on Christmas eve because Christmas day we are always at my grandma's. So I feel like Christmas is 2-3 days long :)

  9. We always open one gift on Christmas eve after dinner....and it's always new pjs to wear to bed that night, lol!