Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Friday!!!

Dont have much to post about, but Im just excited because its the weekend!! This week has been a long week at work, so Im just glad that I get to go home after work and cuddle up with my babies. We actually have a pretty eventful weekend coming up, which I will post later.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!

Here are some random pictures just for fun

I love this picture! is not a very good angle but I had to take a quick snap of their nightly routine

Miss Kayla doing what she does best! getting food all over her,the chair, and mommy

I dont think she was too fond of my aunt's furry friend



  1. Fern Mayo! The pics are cute, what are you up to this weekend,miss pretty eventful weekend!

  2. look at her messy face! so cute


  3. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Your family is absolutely adorable. I'm now a follower of yours so I can keep up with you guys. =)

  4. I LOL at the pic of your DD of the dog! so cute :)