Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I know its a bit earlier..

but I have already been brainstorming Kayla's 1st birthday party! I just love to plan parties/ events; bday parties, showers etc!

Since her room is pink and green and I just love those colors (so girly and pretty) I decided to stay with the theme and throw her a "pink and green candy shop bday party"

I got the inspiration from different places online and also from this really cool candy place in New York City called dylans candy bar if you love candy (like me) and happen to be in NYC then you should definitely stop by there!

I was also the very lucky winner of the lovely Mrs Southern Belle Baby awesome WH Hostess giveaway a couple of weeks ago!

I was so excited when I found out that I won! and not only because it was basically my first time ever winning anything, but because it was invitations and cupcake toppers!!!

WH Hostess Has the cutest things for your next party!

here are the invitations and cupcake topper I chose, but Im thinking Im going to order more goodies from there.

am I the only crazy one out there that is  Thinking about their baby's 1st birthday, this early?

what are your plans for baby's 1st birthday party?


  1. 1. I LOVE your theme, I can't wait to see how it turns out!!
    2. I'm crazy too! My son will be 8 months old tomorrow and I already know we are doing a puppy theme, as he LOVES our dog. It is SO fun to plan!!

    Happy Party Planning:)!

  2. Love the invitation and cupcake toppers! So pretty!

  3. I LOVE it; it is going to be so cute!! I can't wait to get this move out of the way so I can get started on B's birthday celebration!

  4. That is adorable!! I LOVE the theme! Very original and sweet (pun intended :))And the invite and cupcake toppers are so prety:)
    I am a super planner too and have been planning L's bday since she was four months old, haha! I already have her invites, decor, and a dress for her :)

  5. Great theme!! And how awesome that you won that at such a perfect time!! Cant wait to see more!!

  6. Love this theme. GG's room is pink and green also and they happen to be my fav colors! So glad you posted this idea and where to find some goodies. I may just have to steal this theme if you don't mind!

  7. very cute idea! I just did an event for my cupcake business that was hot pink and green, it was so much fun! I am already brainstorming for Payton's b-day in December, so your not crazy. I think I might do a red Parisian theme or winter wonderland. not sure.

    Can't wait to see pictures!!

  8. thats a good idea francis