Friday, March 19, 2010

her new favorite Toy is....


Its funny how I take the time to search for the newest, most stimulating/colorful learning toy out there when in reality my baby gets entertain with just about anything simple!

Miss Kayla followed (crawled) me to the kitchen while I was cooking dinner one night and didnt seem very interested to play with any of her own toys.So I gave her some tapperware to play with and keep her distracted for a couple of minutes, oh Boy did she LOVE that! I wish I had video taped this because she was talking and screamimg at her new "toy"

Dont get me wrong she loves all her other toys, she was just very interested, in all this tapperware!

this is actually one of the newest (well, new for her, it used to be Austin's) toy that she is really into now.

oh yeah did I mention she is getting into everything lately!
luckily these are fake:)

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  1. Blake is the same way...I can buy ALL of the toys...but he prefers to get into my drawers and play with anything else!! Oh well :)