Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Please be nice and Vote :)

We are down here enjoying FL while Austin is doing his week of events before Thursday casting try outs! He is very pumped and I know he will do great but if he doesn't get anything out of this, then we came out with a great experience and a family vacay!

Ok so the event he is on, is having a photo contest from Facebook to see how many likes you get!
Please follow the link below and be a dear and vote!! I would greatly appreciated!!!


Thank you and happy fourth!!!


  1. I voted!! What a handsome guy you have.

  2. I voted! He is so cute! Is he auditioning for an acting or modeling roll? Did you mention this before? I think I missed it!

  3. Thank you girls!!! He is actually auditioning for hip hop dancing but they look at overall potential