Wednesday, July 18, 2012

15 months

Dylan had his 15 month check up on Monday, it was a little late but they were booked earlier so we had to have it once we were back from our vacay.

Our little (big) is doing perfectly fine and growing like the weeds!! He is on the 90% percentile for height and 89% for weight! Which is kind of surprising coming from two parents that aren't the tallest, I guess he gets it from another generation :)

Dylan is such a happy baby, and is always smiling, he lights up the room with his smile. He is always trying to keep up with his sister and brother and it's definitely a boys boy, who is constantly on the go!!! He keeps me on my toes everyday, and I love it! He is talking now, and saying things like mom, dada, ball, hi, bye, uh oh.

He loves the beach! He is definitely his dad's son! He loved playing In the sand and the water. It took his bro and sis quite a while for them to get used to the beach at first, they hated the sand, but Dylan did not mind, getting any sand on him or eating it for that matter!


  1. Look at all that hair & what a sweet smile.......happy 15 months!

  2. He's too cute! He looks a lot like his big sister!