Thursday, February 3, 2011

snow day

We finally got some real snow last week, The news kept talking about a blizzard and or snow storm coming to the East Coast, but for some reason it always passed by us and we got ice cold rain or a little flurry here and there! I love warm weather, but with all this fuss about snow I just wished we had a big blizzard where we all get snowed in and have lazy days just drinking hot cocoa while we all snuggle and watch movies. Well I guess my wish came true, we didn't get have a blizzard or anything =, but it was definitely  enough to have the kids miss school for half a week and for driving conditions to be scary!

I took the kids out to play and it was basically Kayla's first snow that she would remember because she was too young last year, umm I wouldn't say she loved it but was definitely somewhat interested

I love my daugther and of course I think she is adorable, but she reminds me of Ewok from Star wars in this picture :)



  1. Oh my they're getting so big! Been thinking about all y'all getting hammered with all this winter precip. It's cold here, but no snow! Hope all is well, Francis!

  2. Thank you Shannon! we actually didnt get hit that bad, but it was def very cold!!