Tuesday, February 8, 2011

baby sprinkle/35 week progress!!!

So this past weekend, my wonderful sister threw me a baby shower brunch, it was more of a sprinkle! Justin and I have usually done co-ed showers that turn out pretty big with both of our friends combined, so  This time we kept it simple, small and just for the ladies

Im kind of mad I didnt get to take that many pics, but it was a really good time, and I got a lot of essentials that I would need for our little boy!

35 week update!

so technically I will be 36 weeks this Thursday .. YIKES!!! (its getting so close I cant believe it!) but I had my first weekly appointment today and I'm 1.5-2cm dilated!!!!!!!! which of course doesn't really mean anything because I can be like this for weeks(crossing my fingers to make it to 38 wks!), but I'm just a little shocked that I'm already dilated this early. My water broke with my other two and I was only 1cm when it broke and I stayed 1 for long hours so I guess my body goes into labor just fine, but it takes a while to progress, lets hope for a shorter labor time, but when I'm full term! don't be getting any ideas little one! I will love for you to cook a little longer :)

here are some pics of the shower

 my friend due 2/27 and me due 3/10! both expecting boys!

 my aunt with my baby cousin Christpher
 my baby girl
 me and my sister



  1. you look so adorable & th shower looks perfect!!

  2. What a beautiful sprinkle! You look awesome! I can't believe we are 36 weeks already!! That's crazy! Did your other two come early at all?

  3. You are glowing and you look amazing :) Hopefully you are all set now with things from your Sprinkle :) And hope that baby stays in a little longer. I walked around 3 cm dialated with both my boys for weeks....so you never know.

  4. I'm glad you had a good shower. Everything looked so pretty! You are getting SO close! I was 2 cm dilated at 28 weeks with my daughter, and walked around like that for 10 weeks. ;) At least you have a (near) end in sight!