Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Sickies:(

I have been Wanting to post the baby's nursery, some updated pictures of Austin and his basketball season, and of course some new ones of our little princess, but unfortunetly it has been a never ending cycle of germs and sick people at my house!!

Let's start with three weeks ago(which seem like years ago!) Austin had Strep throat but he got medicine for it, Kayla also got tested, but luckily she was in the clear. The meds helped Austin and he was feeling a lot better or at least I thought he was, until one day(can't even tell you the exact day because they all run together) I picked him up from school and he was complaining about a headache and sure enough later that night he had a high fever, so after another visit to the doctors we found out he had the flu:( unfortunately there was no meds so we just let it run it's course, well after 4 days he felt much better and went back to school, I had a girls day with my sister and Kayla seemed to have gotten away without catching anything from her brother.

Wrong!!!! While shopping and enjoying my girls date with my sis, I noticed some Braxton hicks coming closer and stronger.. Umm contractions? I didn't think so but I still called my doctor who told me to just go straight to the hospital, well that would of been fine but a couple of minutes before I called my ob, I got a call from Austins school saying he had to be picked up due to a 102 fever!!! Not only was I having contractions, but I was having major anxiety about traffics and picking up my son from school and Kayla from the babysitter!!! I ended up not Doing either, and just headed to the hospital while Justin picked up the kids!!!

Ok so long story short I was at the hospital for 4 hrs contracting but not dilating and since I was only 36 weeks they weren't going to stop it or induce me so they just sent me home. Unfortunately while being at the hospital I learned that Kayla had started her fever:(.. And after taking Austin back to the doctors/ hospital we found out that his flu had led to phnemonia!!!!

My poor and amazing husband was trying so hard to keep the house together while taking care of the kids and trying to make sure his wife didn't get sick. Well he must have done great job because I didn't get sick besides a little congested but no fever! I did however have a very pregnant moment and cried for about 15 minutes straight!!! I was just so worried about my kids and hoping that this baby will stay in longer until his family got better

So after lots of strong Meds for Austin and cold remedies for Kayla, I could now say that they are on the road to recovery! Tomorrow I will be 38 weeks and according to my doctor I'm still 2 cm dilated so I'm hoping my kids will be perfect,y fine by the time this baby arrives!!

Sorry for the kong post but these past couple of weeks have been so hard! Seeing your babies sick is the hardest part about being a mommy!

I will try and post pictures of the nursery soon



  1. Wow....I guess when it rains it ours..LOL! I am sure you were in complete panic mode when the contrations started! I am sure I would have been. I am glad that everyone is starting to feel better. Hopefully your new little one will wait another week or two to make sure everyone is in the clear :)

  2. I hope they both feel better soon! I can't believe you're 38 weeks! Can't wait to hear your baby news!

  3. You poor thing! Hope everyone is better now!