Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekend Recap..

Baseball season has started!! and this past weekend was Austin's opening ceremony as well as his first game. My little slugger did awsome! I just love baseball season, Austin gets really involved and I just love watching him play!

during the parade at the ceremony
My little shorty is # 2

This was at the end of the Ceremony were they told all the players to throw wiffle balls at the umpire

This weekend was also my cousin's baby shower, yes! another adition to the family! there are so many of us having kids; which is awsome because all of the cousins will be around the same age. The shower was hosted by me and my aunt and it turned out great! I brought miss K. along and she had a great time, she was so happy and overwhlemed with everyone that my little missy skipped her nap! Luckily instead of getting cranky she just got a little delirious

the mommy to be!



  1. OMGOSH!! How cute are all those little boys in their baseball uniforms?!?!?! I love it!

  2. Francis was the best host ever! Thanks again for the great baby shower. Can't wait for Kayla's first bday coming up, I'm here if you need anything-The Mommy to be Brenda

  3. OMG....those little baseball pics are the cutest things ever!!