Wednesday, April 28, 2010

8 is Great!!

I know, I know.. I have been a very bad mommy/blogger:(
miss Kayla turned eight months two weeks ago, and Im just now posting about it!..

It had just been a rough a couple of weeks with both her and I being a little under the weather. We are both feeling a lot better, however I noticed last night Kayla started grabbing her left ear,so I took her to the Doc again this morning. I needed to go for a follow up anyway.Well her cold/cough is completely gone which is a great thing,but now she has an ear infection!!! I honestly feel horrible for my little munchkin, she has had a rough couple of weeks trying to fight this cold, and now she is suffering from an earache, not to mention the mom guilt trip comes and I again feel like a horrible mother! Since this is her third Ear infection the doctor recomended us take her to an ENT and most likely they will want to put tubes in hear!!!! of course as soon as I heard that I started to panic, since I had no idea what this meant, I mean I have heard of this before (my husband got this done when he was younger) but to know that my little baby might have to get tubes in her ears and be put under just makes me cry! We still have to wait and see what the ENT doctor says so we dont know for a fact, but I still worry that this will be the path that they'll want to take in order for her to be better:( ..I will come back with updates after our visit to the ENT.

Anyway on to some 8 months updates
although she has been under the weather, she is still a very happy baby! she is always smiling and growing up soo fast(I know I say this every month, but she really is!) she is now standing on her own for about 20 seconds. She has learned to go up one stair, so those baby gates have to be up at all times now. She has two teeth! the botton center one and the one on top just came in the other day. she loves to crawl or stand all the time, she no longer likes to sit still, she is all over the place!
She is weighing about 17 lbs.She is eating solids three times a day and breasfeeding/ formula feeding about 3 or 4 times a day.

My little ruffle butt

she is holding the headband that I won (yes again!)
from Mrs Southern Belle Giveaway!! I love it!



  1. I LOVE the tutu and ruffle bottom :) SO cute!

  2. those ruffle bottoms are adorable!
    i love that girls love tutu's at all ages! i'd wear one if i could!

    well sick or not she is precious!

  3. I love the ruffle butt & her whole outfit in general! I hope that you guys start to feel better soon!!

  4. Dont worry Fern, kids get sick, they are building their immunity for later. You are def. not a horrible mom! love bRENDA

  5. She is so cute!
    I hope she feels better soon!

  6. Such a cute ruffle bottom!
    I noticed that you said she nurses/drinks 3-4 times a day. I have been working on my daughter's schedule and considering dropping a feeding. Right now she eats solids for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She nurses 4 times a day - at 7 am (wake up), 10 am (after nap), 3 pm (after nap) and 7 pm (before bed). I read that they should be down to 3 bottle/breast feedings a day by 9 months, but i have no idea which feeding to drop. What times do nurse/bottle feed Kayla?