Sunday, April 18, 2010


Kayla has been sick AGAIN for the past week! she has had a really bad cough and a runny nose, which of course makes me feel like a horrible mom! I know kids get sick, and when someone at home gets sick another one is bound to get the same bug (its a vicious cycle,but I guess as a mom your always going to blame yourself and feel guilty.

Being under the weather has also made her loose her appetite and she has not really been wanting to drink milk from the bottle(I still nurse her in the mornings and at night), so being at work sitting behind the computer while knowing that my baby has barely drank any milk and is waiting for mommy to get home because at this point the only way to get her to eat is from me nursing her (I guess is the comfort) hasnt helped me feel any better.

On Thursday after work as I was driving to my mom's to get Kayla, I started having a horrible headache and noticed that I was feeling warm, I ignored it since I had to get Kayla then get Austin. Well later that night after the kids were asleep I still felt very achy and sick, so I took my temp and what do you know, I had a temp of 101!! there's that vicious cycle again!!.

So now Kayla is feeling better but I have been sick all weekend!!
which has been no fun, luckily Justin and Austin have been really good about taking care of their girls.

On a not very sick note, Kayla has been standing on her own, for about 15-20 seconds which is the longest she's gone without holding onto anything.. Yay Kayla!!!

Oh and today is our niece Taylor's Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Taylor

                                              Taylor  and Austin two sumer's ago



  1. Hope you are feeling better soon :) Love the dress Kayla was wearing in your last post!

  2. I hope you're both feeling better soon! Being sick is no fun.

  3. Oh your family is so cute. My son just got over a cold as well. I know how you fill when it comes to babies getting sick even though we cant help it. I just started to follow your blog.

    Fill free to drop by oneday.

  4. such a cute family! my little one is sick now, too, and it makes me feel so bad!

  5. That's terrible I'm so sorry to hear you all have been so sick. I hope everyone gets better soon!

  6. it's no fun when our babies are sick...i still nurse miss Lily (she's almost 19m)...she doesn't drink milk and so i feel like she needs to get it somewhere...besides i love it!! ;o)

    sorry ur sick now too! get better soon