Friday, February 19, 2010


One of the many joys of being a mommy is seeing your child go through all different milestones and stages in their life. As a mother of two kids with a 5 year age gap, I have realized how different both my kids are!! of course I love them both so much, but I have often found myself feeling like a first time mommy with Kayla! and althoug they are very unique, they are both going through a simlar stage in their life right now... and that is TEETHING!!!!!

Well, Austin isnt teething, but he lost his first tooth on Tuesday. He literally lost it! he was in the shower when I went to go tell him that he had 5 more minutes(the kid loves to stay there for HOURS!) he gave me a smirk and I realized that he had lost his bottom front tooth! I think I scared him because I screamed right away out of excitement! He was also very excited and was smiling from ear to ear but the only problem was that he had no idea where it went or when it actually happened.. oH well needless to say the toothfairy came that night to leave him a little surprise!

...and of course there really isnt a story about Kayla teething, except for the fact that she has a really bad case of drooling and bitting on everything possible!.. Oh the Joys!!!


  1. Aww that is awesome!! Portia is losing that same tooth! The weird thing is that the big one has already grown in, but it is just wiggly and she is scared to tug it out. He is such a handsome little guy and beautiful baby as well!

  2. Thanks for reading! Your babes are so adorable!

  3. Your little one looks very happy while she is teething. And your eldest is such a handsome little man. Too bad he didn't have a tooth to put under his pillow for the tooth fairy. I'm sure he enjoyed the pleasant surprise though!

  4. that is so great......hope the tooth fairy was good to him!!