Wednesday, February 3, 2010

let it snow..

Yep it snowed again! last night we got about 4-5 inches, and it appears that mother nature is not done, They are calling for a foot of snow this weekend! Seriosuly, when is it going to STOP! I just wish it was summer and I was at the beach with a cold pina colada!.. ahhh oh well in the meatime I'll just have fun with what we got.

I was having fun with my camera this monring.. I have to admit the snow is really pretty!


  1. As much as I HATE snow... I LOVE pictures of it. I just wish it wouldn't come so often.

  2. These photos are GORGEOUS! I am sooo jealous of all that snow. We haven't had one inch of snow here. Boohoo. Send some of that blizzard to the Pacific Northwest. :)