Thursday, October 1, 2009

here comes the cold weather...

and along with that comes the kids getting sick with a cold or (knock on wood)the flu, unfortunately this weather change has already affected two family members in our house :( Hubs started having an itchy throat and sneezing a lot and our little princess has had a very watery left eye and the sniffles as well. Since she is so little I didnt want to take any chances and took her to the doctors office, and good thing I did because it turns out that she has a cold and and ear infection!...poor baby :(
she now has to take antibiotics and we have to make sure we bundle her up when we take her out. We go back to the doctors for her 2 month check up in two weeks!!!
(WOW! cant believe she will be two months so soon) Hopefully by that time her cold will be gone and she will be a happy lil baby again!

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