Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Family Road Trip!!!

We just got back from our family vacation!!! we drove to Lakeland Fl to visit Justin's grandparents for a couple of days, then we drove to Sarasota which is only an hour an half away and stayed at my inlaws Fl home. The drive there usually takes about 16 hours long!,but since we had to stop every three to four hours to feed miss Kayla it took us a bit longer..we actually stopped in Georgia and stayed the night there and made it to our destination the next morning. both of the kids did great in the car, Austin was very busy with some book activities and movies, and kayla pretty much slept the whole way there, and only woke up for feedings then was happy for a while until she went back to sleep(we got lucky!)

Justin's grandparents live about 20 minutes away from Disney!!! so we took a day out of our vacay to visit the Happiest Place on Earth!!I sometimes feel like I get more excited than Austin when it comes to things like this, okay maybe not because he was super excited, but I was right there with him! we had so much fun, Austin was finally tall enough to make it down splash mountain with daddy(so proud of him!)

The rest of our trip was nothing but fun quality time with the fam, and a lot of relaxing by the pool!

Enjoy the pics overload:)

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  1. Looks & sounds like you had a wonderful vacation!! Love the pics.