Thursday, October 15, 2009

2 months old!!!

Time is flying by so fast! I cant believe little Kayla is two months old, I have one more month left with her until I head back to work:( trust me Im dreading that moment! in the meantime Im having the best time being her mommy; we all love her very much and have so much fun with her! Austin is taking his "big brother" role seriously and has been a great help. Im very blessed to have such great kids

what Kayla is up to:

. she is no longer wearing newborn diapers she is now on size one
. She has gotten her bed time routine down, she gets a bath first, then I feed her and put her down around 10 or 10:30 and she usually either wakes up at 3 or at 4am and if we are lucky she will sleep through till 5am
. she can still fit into some newborn outfits but is finally starting to wear a lot of her 0-3 months one.
.she weights 10lbs 10oz

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