Wednesday, March 7, 2012

two and a half months!!

SERIOUSLY!!! thats so bad, thats how long its been since I've been here, I should jus give up , but since i have family members that read this I will continue and hopefully get better at this. There is so much to update since Austin's birthday!

  • For starters one of the reasons hat I hadn't post was because sadly or computer  wasn't letting me upload any pictures, and it started acting up in other areas as well, so on valentines day, I woke up to a pretty box next to my bed inside it was our new iMac!!!! ( so now I have no excuses for not posting) Im trying to get used to it, but I'm soo in love with it!!
  • we have  lived in our house for a year this past December but we just started our renovations, we started with our master bathroom, tore the whole thing up and are getting all new tile/cabinets etc. I have been consumed on pinterest since starting this lil project, pics to come soon 
  • This past monday our third little peanut turned 1!!! I know I keep saying this over and over but seriously where does the time go?? I swear I just had him yesterday!!! Time just flies when you have kids fun!
His birthday party is this saturday and since Dr seuss just celebrated his day, I got inspired and decided to throw Dylan a Dr seuss bday party! can't wait to see how it turns out this weekend, we all know I can get a lil crazy with my kids parties 

so I know there are tons more to update but for now here are just main exciting ones (at least for me they are)

here are some of D's monthly pics and the last one was on his actual birthday.

here are some of my miss Kayla- she has been going to Dance classes and I seriously melt every friday when I take her 

 its almost impossible to get a picture of Austin, he is in the "I'm too cool" for pictures stage

here is a before shot of our bathroom 

and here is the progress 



  1. Wow...the kids are getting so big! I can't believe that the baby is going to be one already. Time does fly! Looking forward to pics of your renovation....we are going our bathroom too :-)