Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Pinterest Challenge

I stumbled upon a great blog the other day, Cassie from Hi Sugarplum and a couple of other great bloggers were having a link up pinterest challenge party, so I decided to join in!

I am currently very addicted to pinterest , and find myself getting lost in that website and trying to pin lots of cute ideas/recipes/outfits/crafts you name it! well, this challenge is so that we can stop sitting and pinning and start doing! we had to pick one of our pins and turned them into reality!

I decided to start with something easy and fun! since I have been on this organizing kick lately (different post) I decided I wanted to get my daughters pretty hair bows in an organized and pretty place. well after looking at Etsy to buy one, I decided to look at pinterest to get a tutorial on how to make one.

This is the picture of my pin, which was originally from this blog  Baby Making Machine

She actually had the same colors that I wanted to use to coordinate Kayla room, so it was perfect!

Here are her bows on this little basket (just thrown in there) she actually had a lot more but because of the lack of organization who knows where they ended up 

This is what you need
super glue

all you do is cut the strips of the ribbon the length of the picture frame 
then you cut the fabric the size of the frame 
glue the ribbon inside of the back of the frame 
Glue the fabric to the board of the frame and place it behind the ribbons 
and here is the finish product!

here they are with some of her bows 


  1. Love it! I made one of these for my girls...a little bit different, but same concept! :)

  2. That turned out so cute!!!
    My girls have so many bows that I'd need about 5 of those!