Friday, May 13, 2011

BLOG SLACKER!!!!!!!!!!!

 Is what my brother's girlfriend, who keeps up with my blog, keeps calling me lately! of course I dont disagree with her because I have been horrible at blogging, and I do apologize to those of you who read this; but in my defense not only have I been busy with the kiddos but one precious young lady AKA Kayla had droppedmy laptop and the screen totally cracked so I have been without a computer for quite a while now. I have been wanting to update and write so many things but since Im not trying to make this post super long, I will try to keep it somewhat short and sweet.

Here are little tid bits of what the kids have been up to

Austin has started his baseball season! He absolutely loves sports, I remember when he was younger he used to play with the t.v remote and one time he was flipping the channels and all of a sudden stopped at a golf tournament, It was so funny to see a three year old so interested in golf. So far he has played soccer, basketball, baseball and keeps begging me to play football but I keep trying to stall until he gets a little bigger, My baby is still pretty small. He is also doing swimming to get ready for summer.

Little slugger

Dylan &Kayla proudly watching the game :)

Kayla is 20 months now! Crazy!!! I feel like it was just yesterday that we celebrated her first birthday! She is quite the little lady, she is probably the girliest little toddler I know. Daddy is in for it big time with her, because she loves jewelry, loves to shop with mommy and she has a deep obsession over handbags, she can turn anything that has handles into a purse. She has also become a little mommy to her baby brother! even though she is a little over bearing and probably suffocates him with kisses, she is always worried when he cries, and will not go to bed unless she gives him a kiss goodnight. She also has started to really play mommy with her baby dolls and pretends that she feeds them the bottle and burps them, its the cutest thing ever!!

Dylan, is two months!!!! He is doing great and is such a good baby!!! he has spoiled mommy and daddy and has been sleeping though the night! his last feeding is at 9:30 and usually wakes up at 6 am!!!!  Everything went great at his one and two month check up, he is 16 lbs!!!!! tops the charts at 99th percentile for everything, he is quite the little chunk!!!  eats every 3 hours, and has a slight problem with burping so he sometimes fusses because he is gassy but other than that, he is a very good baby, which is good because I have my hands full with lil miss Kayla!



  1. They are so cute! I'm glad everybody is doing well. I can't believe he's 16 lbs...what a big boy!!!