Thursday, June 24, 2010

Father's Day! & Birthday Planning

so almost a week later, but I still needed to post these pictures up, and let my husband know that he is an Amazing Father, and my kids are very  lucky to have him as a daddy!.. We spent Father's day at the Lake house with just the family, and had a very low key relaxing time! Austin finally got over his fear of being in the Lake water and riding on the Jet ski, which was Awesome because Justin and him were able to get out there and have some Father son fun time!

                                Kayla with Pop Pop

Kayla with Daddy
Austin and Baby K with Pop Pop

Austin and Taylor

So It is less than two months (will post her 10 month pictures soon) away!!! YES miss Kayla will be turning 1 very soon!! we just got the invitaions and cupcake toppers  ( that I had won on a giveaway previously) and they are so ADORABLE!! WH Hostess did a great job!.
I have also oredered a couple of things from ETSY(my new little Obsession). Here are the invites and cupcake holders 

there are three different holders,
This one, a K one, and a #1  



  1. What great Father's Day pics. Where is the lake? It is great to get them used to the water and jet ski's early. I did from when I was little and I still love it. We have a boat and the kids have been going on since they were in my belly! Love the birthday invite, so cute!

  2. Love your borthday theme! I can't wait to hear about all your plans. I feel like I'm obsessed with 1st Birthday Parties the same way I was obsessed with weddings when I wa planning mine!!

  3. CUTE CUTE CUTE party idea! where does everyone get the numbers for the onesies for each month?

  4. What cutie kids you have :)
    It looks like you guys had a great relaxing weekend at the lake. I'm glad you had a good time.

  5. Really cute pictures! I love the invites!

  6. Lovin' the invite! Gotta do a b'day planning post for GG soon. Planning a first b'day is crazy, isn't it? Don't know if it's more for me or her...hehe! Great pink and green combo on the fav!

  7. Happy early birthday to your sweet girl! First birthday parties are SO much fun!