Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Life through my iPhone

Since Baseball/ Soccer season have started, our lives have been a little bit on the busy side, don't get me wrong as chaotic as it is, I love being busy with the kiddos and taking them to practices, dances parties, however it is also very lovely to have lazy relaxing days! 

Oh this is what you get when your sister wants to play dress up with you- (a tutu in your head!!!)

just having so qt time with my hubby 

                                                 little miss shopper - learning young

play date with cousins 
Austin at a birthday party with coolest yet a lil scary face paint job! 

channeling her  inner cheerleader 

Action shot of my lil soccer player 

great lunch date with gma P

This is how he usually ends up after watching his brother play two sports 


  1. I love the cousins pic soo cute, its funny they have your eyes and Jens have hers

  2. Such cute pictures! Your baby girl isn't really looking like a baby!!! That painted face is kind of scary, but definitely cool!